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The Hostacam Daily History Viewer

The Daily History Viewer is a Special Web Page that displays images from the current and past days. By saving an image every so often on our server, you and your visitors can view past days images in a time lapse type on video. The current day is displayed by default and there is a calendar that can be used to view past days. The Online History Viewer is a great way to keep track of construction projects, weather patterns or any other subject matter you may have. This program is designed for long term projects for longer than 6 months. Short term projects are available upon request and availability.

The webcam image size cam be adjusted to fix your cameras image size - anything from 160 by 120 all the way up to 1280 by 1024. The most common images sizes are 320 by 240 for smaller, faster video and 640 by 480 for larger playback videos. The subject and your bandwidth consumption can also help determine what size you should set your images to.

Currently we have a beautiful Garden located in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Webcam was installed on March 8th, 2009.

Click Here for an Online Demonstration

The Online History Viewer requires Microsoft Internet Explorer v5.5 or newer with Javascript enabled.
Firefox support is currently under development and should be available soon...

Daily History Viewer Set-up Cost= $250.00
$20 per month fee

Current Features

  • Adjustable Image Size - Anything between 160x120 through 1280x1024.
  • 5 Playback Speeds - Once the days images have been loaded, you can adjust the playback speed.
  • 5 Playback Controls - Start, Stop, Forward one frame, Backwards one frame and Restart Functions.
  • Loop Day - replay the current day once it reaches the end of the days images.
  • Show Daytime Only - only shows the daytime images between hours that you select. example:6am-7pm