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We offer Systems Management, this allows the Webcam owner to keep the webcams private but still allowing customers to check in. This works great for Day Care business owners that would like to control who sees what cameras and when.
You can assign a different user name and password for every client and designate what cameras they are allowed to view.

As the Business Owner you can:

  • Keep your webcams private
  • Assign user names and passwords for your customers to view the cameras
  • Assign what camera(s) each customer can view
  • Active and deactivate accounts with a click of a button
  • Set your cameras to turn on and turn off at a certain time everyday
  • Check all cameras at once with a Master Webcam Page

    How It All Works...
    Below are some screen captures and a general explanation of how our Systems Management system works. If you would like more information, please contact us.

To login to your Camera Management System you simply got to www.HostACam.com and in the upper right corner click Members Login...
(tip: you can click the picture for a larger view)


Once you are logged in you will have the options of adding a user, viewing your cameras, set viewing hours and more...

pet cams

View your cameras at a quick glance.


Add or Delete A User. As the owner, you can assign user name and passwords for your customers.

dog cams

Your customers will view a special login page that looks and feels like your website. We will send you a link to put on your website.


Customers can then view your webcams.

doggie cams

If you would like more information, please contact us or Request A Quote.