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web cam answers

Q: Why Host A Cam?

A: Have you tried to get your webcam Online with no luck, just pure frustration? Or really don't even know where to start. This is why we are here. Host A Cam has been working with Webcams for over 12 years. We will evaluate your situation and what you are trying to achieve and offer the best webcam solution possible. We can custom design a webcam system to fit your needs. Request a Quote today!

Q: What is an IP Webcam

A: An IP Webcam is a stand alone webcam with a small webserver built in. It streams its video through the Internet connection. You access the webcam video either through a specific IP address or through a members login on the HostACam website.

Not sure what you need? HostACam will find the right camera for your project. Just complete our Online Request for Quote and we will contact you shortly.

Q: Is my Internet Connection Speed VERY Important?

A: Your Internet connection is VERY Important. Streaming video takes a better than average upload Internet connection speed. Cable is best, DSL will work, but has been known to be problematic. Your Internet speed will also determine the quality of your webcam. Your picture may be good, but if you have a slow UPLOAD Internet connection, you image/video will load slow. It will be herky jerky and not stream like it should. You should have at least a 384K upload speed through your Internet connection to stream one webcam nicely. The more webcams you stream at one time the slower your webcam streams will be. i.e.: Say you have 4 webcams and want to view them at one time, 4 streams up to the Internet at one time with a slow connection will make the webcams look like still images. You must have a fast upload speed for a faster moving stream. Contact your Internet provider to increase your upload speed if problems persist.

Q: What is a Static IP Address and is it important?

A: You should have a static IP when running webcams. An IP(Internet Protocol) Address is like a phone number for your computer. However, most Internet providers give you a DYNAMIC IP address automatically when you sign-up. This means, your IP address can change whenever, usually when you restart your computer or router. When you have a webcam you should have a static IP address, one that does not change. It may cost a little extra month, but it keeps your camera up and online with no downtime.